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Choosing your floss


With so many different types of floss to choose from, it can be hard knowing what floss is right for you. But by doing a little research and trying different types, you can find one that best suits you.

Why does floss come in different types?

Different floss types generally serve different purposes. For example, waxed and unwaxed nylon flosses come in various widths and flavors. Different widths can accommodate larger or smaller gaps between teeth. The wax on floss can help it slide into tight spaces, while monofilament floss tends not to shred as easily.

What are floss holders?

Plastic floss holders, usually in a Y or U shape, can make flossing easier for people who may have difficulty holding floss, such as children or seniors.

Which kind of floss should I use?

The best kind of floss to use is the one that’s most comfortable for you and addresses your specific dental needs. Whichever you choose, just remember to floss every day!

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Published January 2017

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